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Tomorrowland 2017 Age Restrictions, Rules & Regulations

Tomorrowland 2017 Age Restrictions, Rules & Regulation :-Hey there! You are going for Tomorrowland 2017 Brasil but wait, you know that there are some rules to be followed?
You don't? then don't worry, here I am going to tell you Tomorrowland 2017 rules and regulations and as well as Tomorrowland 2017 age restrictions.

Tomorrowland 2017 Age Restrictions, Rules & Regulation

Ok, so for going to Tomorrowland 2017 Brasil event , your minimum age is supposed to be 18 years, so kids , go and read your textbook. You are not allowed for the event if you are even with your parents or a guardian, so pity you. THIS IS A STRICT POLICY of theirs, so don't even think of playing any tricks and be a smartass, Just wait until you turn 18 to attend Tomorrowland Brasil or any.
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Tomorrowland 2017 Brasil Age Restrictions 

Now, some extremely important notes:

The minimum age limit for entry to the festival is 18. People born in 1998 will be granted entrance even though they turn 18 after the festival.

Anybody who turns 18 in 2017, are permitted entrance.

This is a strict policy and anybody born in 1999 or later year, even if accompanied by an adult will not be permitted entrance.

Important: to prove his age, will be required at the entrance to present official photo ID issued by Government (ID, passport or original driver license).

So, only people above 18 can have real fun, my friend

After you have successfully matched the minimum age criteria then kindly read the following norms and rules to be followed:

Tomorrowland 2017 Brasil Rules and Regulations

Not Permitted at Tomorrowland 2017 Brasil

The following are not permitted in the festival site: animals (except guide-dogs), your own food and drinks, spray cans, drugs of any kind, glass, cans, plastic bottles, weapons of any kind, any object that might be used as a weapon, football club flags, sticks, walking sticks (except crutches and medical devices), banners, items with discriminating and/or provocative texts,  items that might be in any way dangerous to the safety, health or wellbeing of festival-goers, fireworks, torches and any other item which may be considered as dangerous by the organizing committee.

You will be body-searched upon arrival.

Please note that our safety and security team will have the last word in judging any debatable item.

Also there are many rules and regulations which you can find on official site while registering for the event. SO for now, this much only, Bye and enjoy Tomorrowland 2017 Brasil also do keep in mind Tomorrowland 2017 Age restrictions and Tomorrowland 2017 Rules and Regulations


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